This is authentically strained yogurt as it has been enjoyed in the Mediterranean and Middle East for millenia.

100% Canadian milk.

Absolutely No Skim Milk Powder.

Natural Goddess

Full bodied flavour and texture, our Natural Goddess yogurt is thick without added fat or gelatin. We use traditional techniques to remove the water naturally found in milk and create a product that is rich and creamy.

Try it - Use Natural Goddess instead of cream cheese or sour cream. Dress it up with herbs and eat it with bread or vegetables.

Artisan Flavours

We are offering our Greek yogurt in a variety of fun flavours: Orange Blossom Cardamon, Lemon, Chai Latte, Pumpkin Spice, and Coconut Lime to name a few.  Made with 100% fresh Canadian milk and live cultures, this thick and rich yogurt is the perfect power snack or dessert.