Our Cream Top yogurt is handcrafted from grass-fed, non-homogenized, whole milk and a unique blend of live probiotic cultures. We keep it pure and simple and do not use any industrial thickeners, skim milk powders or artificial flavours. This is fresh tasting yogurt with a light texture, subtle tartness and a delectable layer of golden cream on top.

Try It - Eat our Plain Cream Top yogurt with granola or add it to your baking, sauces or smoothies.


Our Honey Cream Top yogurt is light and creamy with just the right sweetness from Vancouver Island Honey. Ancient Indian yogis mixed honey and yogurt and called it "the food of the gods." One bite of this yogurt and you will know why.

Try it - Enjoy Honey Cream Top yogurt drizzled on top of fruit salad as breakfast, a snack or dessert.


Vanilla Bean

In true gourmet style, we use real vanilla bean that you can see and taste.

Try it - Savour Vanilla Bean Cream Top yogurt or eat it up in one sure helping. This classic flavour is a favorite among children and adults alike.