Frequently Asked Questions 

What is Whole Milk?

Whole milk is milk in its true form - complete as it comes from a cow and unaltered by industrial processing. In large industrial dairies, milk is typically homogenized meaning that it goes through high pressure to breaks down the fat globules. At Tree Island, we treat the milk very gently and keep it whole and non-homogenized, which is true to our whole food philosophy.

What is the benefit of whole milk from Grass Fed Cows?

Cows raised on grassy pasture spend more time exercising outside and eating grass as nature intended. Widespread research shows that whole milk from pasture raised cows contains more omega-3, fatty acids, conjugated linoleic acids (CLA), beta-carotene and vitamins A and D, which are important nutrients for human health.


How do cows eat grass in winter?

At Birkdale farm, cows are out on pasture- big, green fields- from April to October. In the winter they eat dried grass (hay) and silage (fermented grass). Fifteen percent of their diet come from off-farm alfalfa and ground barley (a grass in grain form).


Is Tree Island Yogurt  certified organic?

No, our product is not certified organic. Unfortunately, at this time, there are no certified organic cow dairy farms on Vancouver Island. We are proud to source our milk from a local farm where the cows are grass-fed and the fields are free from chemical pesticides and herbicides. There are no antibiotics or growth hormones used on the farm, and you can drive by and see the cows out on the pasture from April to October.  

Why is your yogurt called Cream Top?

Because it is only 3.5% milk fat- like old fashioned milk- so there is cream on top. It is made with only live culture and fresh, whole milk from Birkdale Farm in Comox.


What is the difference between Cream Top and Goddess?

Cream Top is 3.5% and Goddess is a greek style with 6.5% milk fat. The Cream Top recipe is especially good for breakfast, smoothies, or topped with granola, chia or hemp seeds. The Goddess is a rich and thick decadent yogurt that customers report eating all by itself - as an afternoon power snack or after dinner dessert.

What cultures do you use?

We use two traditional cultures- Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus.

Why doesn't Honey yogurt taste very sweet?

We use real Fireweed honey from the mountains of the Strathcona Park area. There is absolutely no refined sugar added and our recipe only contains 13g of carbohydrates. We recognize that the name "Island Honey" may sound sweet but our recipe is really quite light and fragrant because we add just the right amount of honey to balance the tartness of the yogurt. 


Why doesn't Tree Island Vanilla Bean taste like other brands?

Our Vanilla Bean yogurt has a very fresh and light flavour because we only use real bean that is cooked into the milk - there is no refined sugar or artificial flavour like other brands. We are proud to sweeten our recipe with just the right amount of local honey. The result is a Vanilla Bean yogurt with only 13g of carbohydrates. This is a big difference compared to other leading brands that have 21+ grams of sugar.


Why are there little black specks in my Vanilla Bean?

Due to our artisan process, the vanilla bean in our yogurt sometimes floats on the top and sometimes settles to the bottom of the container. The little black flecks of vanilla vary in each container depending on where in the batch it is made - but the vanilla flavour is still consistent across the batch because of how it is flavoured in the warm milk.

Why is the Cream Top yogurt softer than other brands?

The Cream Top is made with fresh, whole milk and live cultures in true old world fashion. It has a softer and creamier consistency that yogurt that is different from the typical North American style yogurt that is made with skim milk powder, gelatin or thickeners. We are proud to use only fresh milk that is 100% Canadian which is grass-fed. This is our guarantee that there is no antibiotics and growth hormones in our yogurt, which may occur in other products that source dried milk powder from outside of Canada.


What is Goddess Yogurt?

Goddess is 6.5% milk fat- we take our whole milk yogurt and strain it in an old world process similar to the way what we call greek yogurt is made in Greece. Unlike other brands, which use skim milk powder to thicken their greek yogurt, ours has a very creamy, smooth texture.

Why is Tree Island yogurt golden yellow?

The golden yellow colour of Tree Island yogurt is the true colour of whole milk.  Because we do not homogenize our milk, a thin layer of golden cream rises to the top of our Cream Top yogurt. The fat can be scooped off, stirred in or eaten off the top depending on your preference.

Do you make low-fat yogurt? 

By skimming off the thin layer of fat from the top of our Cream Top yogurt, you will have a container of 'low-fat' yogurt with approximately 1% milk fat.

Are you going to make yogurt from goat milk?

Yes, we are friends with the fabulous ladies at Snapdragon Goat Dairy in Fanny Bay and are considering the develop of a goat milk yogurt in the future.